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Falling Cedar Farm Samoyeds & Eurasiers

Love Sammies as much as I do? Or perhaps interested in the breed? Awesome! Forever they've been a great addition to our family and have amazingly, sweet demeanor. I have had Sammies for over thirty years! We're located in Eastern WA. 

Our Sammies are all registered AKC and have health tests done, including hips, eyes, and Canine Genetic Health Certificate. This certificate tests for Degenerative Myelopathy, Hereditary Nephritis (Samoyed Type), Progressive Retinal Atrophy X-Linked 1, and Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 2. 

Leslie and Nicole Gibson


About Me


“If you're looking to add a samoyed as a member of the family I'd definitely recommend Falling Cedar Farm. Leslie was very helpful and made the whole process smooth, and it's very clear that she takes good care of her dogs and gives them lots of love. I'm very happy with my baby; she's very smart and loving and I couldn't ask for more! Thank you so much!!” 

—  Katherine M. 

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